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How to make Cannabis Vapes with the nFused Starter Kit

Updated: Jun 11, 2019



Instruction Manual


In this manual, we will demonstrate how to correctly use nFused products to ensure your safety while handling our products, maximising your yield in each process, and making sure you get the purest quality finished product. Please carefully read through the contents of this manual before attempting to make your own nFused Vape Juice.

Note: There are two parts to this Tutorial

Part A: Making your own Cannabis Oil with our nFused Herbal Solvent and nFused Starter Kit.

Part B: Turning Cannabis concentrates into Cannabis Vape Juice with our nFused Wax Liquidizer.

Part A: How to make Cannabis Oil with our nFused Herbal Solvent

What you need:

In order to make Cannabis Oil, you are going to need the following items:

- 1L nFused Herbal Extraction Solvent

- 10g or More of Fresh Cannabis Plant (Preferably without seeds)

- Oven Tray, A Heat Proof Dish and Access to an Oven

- nFused Starter Kit: 375ml Glass Jar, 2 Gloves, Needle, Syringe, Filter Paper, nFused 10ml Container.

Step 1: Decarb your Cannabis in the oven for 30 Minutes

Pre Heat oven between 80 - 100 Degrees Celsius. Place Cannabis onto a baking tray and heat in the oven at 80 - 100 Degrees Celsius for 30 Minutes to decarb. Make sure not to burn the cannabis.

Decarbing is a process that converts all THCA in Raw Cannabis into THC (The Good Stuff). This step is very important otherwise your oil will be very weak and will not provide much medicinal benefit.

Step 2: Soak Cannabis in nFused Herbal Extraction Solvent for 30 Minutes

Wait for your freshly decarbed cannabis to cool down. Place the cannabis into a Glass Jar and saturate with nFused Herbal Extraction Solvent for 30 minutes. Make sure to cover all the plant matter with the extraction solvent.

Step 3: Filter the Alcohol to remove plant matter

Pour the extract through the filter paper into a glass container to remove plant matter from the alcohol.

Step 4: Let Alcohol Evaporate Completely

Place glass container in a protected area away from dust and other pollutants and allow alcohol to evaporate completely. This process can take a few hours. You may place the glass container on a hot plate to speed up the process, avoid boiling the solution. Keep away from open flames.

Step 5: Collect your Cannabis Concentrate or Oil

Use a sharp knife or blade to collect your freshly made cannabis concentrate and deposit the oil into a jar or container. Now you are ready to make your own cannabis vape juice, or simply enjoy your pure cannabis concentrate on its own.

Part B: How to make Cannabis Vape Juice with our nFused Wax Liquidizer

Step 1: Add 3mls of nFused Wax Liquidizer to 1ml Cannabis Concentrate or Oil

Add 3mls of nFused Wax Liquidizer to 1 gram of cannabis concentrate into a microwavable or heat resistant container.

For a Stronger vape – Add only 2mls of nFused Wax Liquidizer.

For a Weaker vape – Add 4mls of nFused Wax Liquidizer.

Step 2: Place Mixture into hot water or microwave

Place nFused Mixture into hot water or the microwave at 10 second intervals until liquid is warm and mixable. Once liquid is heated up, stir, shake or agitate the liquid to ensure complete emulsification.

Step 3: Pour nFused Cannabis Vape Juice into Cartridge

Use a syringe to collect your nFused Cannabis Vape juice. Unscrew the top off the nFused Ceramic Cartridge and fill it. Vape and enjoy.

Thank you for reading through this manual, to purchase these products please visit our website for more information –

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