Wax Liquidizer

What is nFused Wax Liquidizer Made from?

nFused Wax liquidizer is made from Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol 400 and Flavouring. FDA has declared these ingrendients safe for human consumption and inhalation.

Does nFused Wax liquidizer contain any CBD, THC or Nicotine?

No! nFused Wax liquidizer contains no CBD, THC or Nicotine. Our product is perfectly legal in all countries.

Can i use Hash or Kief to make an nFused vape juice?

No! Wax liquidizer works only with oils, distillates, rosin, shatter, wax and any type of cannabis concentrate that does not contain plant matter.

Can i put nFused Wax Liquidizer in any vape tank?

Yes, however we recommend low wattage or low output devices around 10 to 15 watts and prefably CCELL Coils (Ceramic Coils). These coils work best with Oils, as cotton coils burn out very quickly. Always start on the lowest wattage and work your way up.

What is the recommended mix ratio for Concentrate to nFused Wax Liquidizer?

We recommend adding 1 gram of concentrate to 3mls of Wax Liquidizer. For a stronger vape, use 2mls of Wax liquidizer to 1 gram concentrate. For a weaker vape, use 4mls of Wax liquidizer to 1 gram concentrate.

I microwaved the blend for 10 seconds and it didnt mix?

Microwave at 10 second intervals and continue to stir, mix or shake the container until the concentrate emulsifies with the liquidizer. Make sure your concentrate doesn't contain any plant matter.

Will using nFused Wax Liquidizer dilute the THC content of my concentrate?

Yes, by adding an emulsifier agent (Wax Liquidizer), the total potency of your concentrate will be diluted depending on the ratio used. The more Liquidizer used, the lower your THC content will be. The average concentrate contains between 50% to 90% THC content, and when diluted, the vape juice can measure in between 10% to 25% THC concentration. If you add 1 part Concentrate to 2 Parts Wax Liquidizer, the Vape Juice will be one third (1/3) of the original strength.

I used the reccommended ratio, but my tank is burning and it hurts my throat?

1) Lower the output on your battery 2) Your coil might not be compatable with Oils 3) Your coil might be burnt out. 4) Dilute the mix by adding more Wax Liquidizer.

Why does my tank leak?

1. Your liquid may be diluted to much, try using less Wax Liquidizer. 2. Your tank is properly sealed, check for cracks, loose parts or warn out rubbers. 3. Your coil doesnt cope with the viscosity of the liquid.

What is Original nFused Wax Liquidizer?

This product contains no flavouring for users that want a pure cannabis experience. The product will not effect the taste of your cannabis concentrate.

Does the nFused Vape juice smell like cannabis?

Ever so slightly! As there is cannabis infused into the vape juice, there will be a slight odor, however our flavours do a great job at masking the smell!